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Why You Might Need a New Shingle Roof

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Why you might need a new shingle roof on your Bossier City home could be many reasons. We will continue explaining the reasons for asphalt shingles‘ failures. This is the post on this theme, and we will share with you this new valuable information.


We speak of thermal shock when a material undergoes a drastic change in its temperature in a short period. Typically, in the Bossier City, LA area, asphalt shingles suffer sudden changes in ambient temperature. In zones like these, occur wide-ranging thermal variations, and they happen quickly.

The temperature may experience large drops reaching minimum values overnight. Likewise, during very hot summer days, the asphalt shingles’ temperature can surpass 150+ degrees Fahrenheit. However, a quick and cool rain may drench your roof generating your shingles temperature falling up to 100 degrees.

These variations cause the different components of a shingle to expand differently. Some will expand more than others, causing the shingle’s structure to crack and granule loss over time.

It has been observed that one of the main reasons for asphalt shingles’ aging is thermal shocks. Over time, asphalt rusts and becomes brittle. This problem relates directly to the shingles’ quality raw materials. The lower the quality of its components, the shorter will be its lifespan.

More about the lifespan of a roof.


Have you seen a little blister in your roofing shingles? Then, you should check your attic ventilation. The attic space under the roof needs proper ventilation to expulse heat outside and avoids generating humidity. Do you see why your roof life and shape depend on that space underneath it?

Poor ventilation will generate humidity, and moisture grows under your shingles. Consequently, your roof deck will move and get rot through time. Besides, the nails’ hold will weaken, allowing that strong winds will tear them away.

Premature Asphalt Shingle Failure via Poor Ventilation

Reduced ventilation generates overheating, humidity, and moisture. These elements cause roofing deck deformation.

Poor ventilation damages your roof and brings a harmful consequence for your family’s health: black mold growth. By ventilating correctly your attic this problem will disappear soon.

roofing 101 and different growths on an asphalt shingle


Natural elements may cause failures in roofing shingles. Falling branches or trees, frequent strong winds, hard hailstorms, and other similar weather events will short your asphalt shingles’ life.

If you combine these issues with defective or old shingles, Mother Nature will destroy your roof sooner than you think.


Houses out of the sun reach located in moist environments, age early since algae and moss find a substrate in their roofs. Moss and lichens are enemies of your roof because they extend their roots under the shingles lifting them. So, this happens when roots swell by absorbing water from the environment and freeze.

Therefore, giving proper maintenance to your roofing system will lengthen your shingles’ life. Keeping your roof free of debris and leaves is also the best way to delay its replacing. Call Alpha Roofing in Bossier City, and Shreveport, Louisiana today at 318-373-5875.

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