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Roofing Insurance Claims Process & Mortgage Check Procedures

In terms of insurance claims for roofing and mortgage checks, there are many moving parts you may need assistance with. Our team at Alpha Roofing is here to assist you and guide you throughout the entire process. From the point of filing your insurance claim on your roof until you get your insurance check endorsed by your mortgage company, the information on this page will prepare you for the entire process.

Insurance Claims: Working with Your Insurance Company

A hail or windstorm may cause your roof to suffer damage, which you may need to claim under your insurance policy. It is for this reason that you have insurance. The insurance company will follow certain procedures when you submit a roof insurance claim. We are here to assist you with these procedures in this article where we’ll outline the process of submitting a roofing claim.

  1. Get a free roof inspection from Alpha Roofing to find out if your roof needs to be repaired.
  2. The damage will be reported to your insurance company, and we will assist you with filing a claim. We will provide all the required phone numbers for your convenience.
  3. To ensure that further damage to the interior of your home is not caused, your insurance company will authorize any temporary roof repairs necessary at that time. As soon as the work is completed, all receipts will be provided to the client for their files.
  4. After the adjuster inspects the damage, your insurance company will issue you a first payment along with a detailed breakdown of the repairs to be made. 
  5. Our team at Alpha Roofing can begin repairing your roof as soon as we receive the paperwork from you. We can complete all repairs outlined in the paperwork.
  6. To release your final check, all necessary paperwork will be provided to your insurance company as soon as the paperwork is complete. The work completed at this point will be due for payment.
  7. Once your payment is received in full, your roof warranty along with a paid-in-full receipt will be uploaded to your SSA client portal provided by Alpha Roofing. If you need any assistance with your roof claim paperwork, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Meeting with Your Adjuster

It is important to document any roof damage if you know it has occurred. Take pictures of your roof if it can be safely done, as well as any other damage such as dents in your air conditioner or siding. Document damaged or missing shingles. Your roof may be damaged due to hail, tornadoes, or other wind-related natural disasters, or you may have detected a leak. Taking pictures of your roof and interior damage will help you document the damage. A leaking or holed roof indicates a need for emergency repairs.

If you need emergency repairs, call your insurance company right away to file a claim. A hotline is usually available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for insurance companies. If they do not have an office near you, they probably have a website on which you can make a claim online and then check on its status until the office is open.

When your roof or other parts of your home are damaged, your main duty as a homeowner is to mitigate further damage. In the long run, you have done what you should have done simply by preventing further damage.

  1. An adjuster from your insurance company will contact you to schedule an appointment.
  2. When the adjusters meet, we will represent your interests, since this adjuster represents the insurance company.
  3. You’ll need a trained professional to represent your best interests at the roof inspection. Contact Alpha Roofing and have one of our project managers represent you.
  4. During that time, we’ll ensure that your insurance company covers everything damaged!

NOTE: These are general guidelines, and each insurance company may vary on procedures.


The procedures you must follow to collect and cash your insurance claim check are specific to home insurance claims, specifically roofing claims. Our focus will also be on the insurance claims process and mortgage check endorsement. When filing a claim with your insurance company, there will usually be multiple checks involved. It is almost always the case that you will receive two checks. After the roofing job is complete, you will receive the second check for the recoverable depreciation.

Understanding the Claims Process

After filing a wind or hail damage claim on your roof, what is your next step? Choosing a top local roofing contractor will put you in good hands since they will be able to provide you with plenty of information and help. Within 48 hours of filing your insurance claim, the insurance company’s adjuster will come out to your house to inspect your roof. If the adjuster finds that your property was damaged by a storm, he will make you a repair offer based on what is known as the scope of loss of the insurance company. In the beginning, you only receive a check for a portion of what you will be entitled to for your repair claim. The payment is not the last.

In most cases, you can accept an on-the-spot settlement if your insurance company is involved. The additional damage that your roofing contractor finds during the roofing installation process can be repaired with a supplement. You must make sure accepting the full claim upfront doesn’t preclude making a supplement for hidden repairs that weren’t visible at the time of the original inspection. It is generally necessary to file a claim within one year of the date of the windstorm or hailstorm to be covered by your insurance policy. To verify this, you should contact your state insurance department.

In general, you will receive a separate check for each type of claim that you file, such as roof damage, interior damage, and personal property damage.

Structure Claims Check Procedures

Your mortgage company and you will typically get checks for repair work if you have a mortgage on your home. It is mandatory for all named parties to endorse the mortgage check during the insurance claims mortgage check endorsement process. In addition to maintaining hazard insurance on your home, your mortgage company also requires you to add their name as an additional insured to the policy.

A common misconception about insurance claims checks is that both the homeowner and the lender get to keep the check. It is usually the result of a frustrated homeowner who gets angry at the claims process. You will need an endorsement from your mortgage company or bank before you can pay your roofing contractor when a mortgage company or bank is involved. Obtaining a mortgage check can be a lengthy process from the mortgage company, which is detailed in the mortgage check process. There is a link that leads to a generic but comprehensive explanation of how mortgage companies work that should explain the process for most of them.


Payment for the project will be discussed with you when you sign the roofing  contractor’s contract. The house has a mortgage, does that need to be addressed? Whether the claims check has already been endorsed or whether you need assistance with the process is up to you and your roofing contractor. Getting a roofer’s mortgage checked can be a difficult process. Engage the help of a professional.

Homeowner Process

For most mortgage companies, the following procedures apply to getting the insurance claims check endorsed:

  • To file a claim, the homeowner must contact the mortgage company’s loss draft department.
  • It will be necessary for you to commit to helping the contractor until the roofing project is completed and endorsement is obtained.
  • To keep track of the check during the claims process, you will need the routing number of the check (also known as the tracking number).
  • If you want your roofing contractor to assist with endorsement, turn over the check.
  • Ensure that you, the homeowner, endorse the check. Some mortgage companies require the endorsement, and some don’t, depending on the amount.
  • Your roofing contractor must notate your check on your contract so that you can reference it in the future.
  • An authorization form for third parties needs to be signed. In your SSA account, you can update your contractor’s name as the authorized person. If he does not already have this information, he will not be able to communicate on your behalf with your mortgage company.

Your Contractor Can Help

  • Depending on the mortgage company, your contractor may be required to have your last four Social Security numbers to communicate with them.
  • You should set the effective date on the third-party authorization 90 days in advance, so your roofer has time in case problems arise.
  • Your contractor will be able to deal with the workflow from the SSA client portal with the email address you provide.
  • Provide your roofing contractor with an explanation of the SSA client portal (the portal has a video knowledge base).
  • If the mortgage company requires their documents to be signed, provide their overnight address, phone number, fax number, loan number, and any specific packet materials.
  • After your roof is installed, you will need to have a final inspection. You should arrange for this on the day of installation (it will take at least three days).
  • To get started, you must go to your SSA client portal and complete as many documents as you can.
  • Be aware that Peak Perfections can be cut off at any time and we won’t be able to work with you. You will need to continue the process if this happens. Sometimes they don’t even need a reason; they just do it.
  • In the event you sent them their first check, you will also need to send them their RD (Recoverable Depreciation) check.
  • When the mortgage company receives the check from you, it is not aware of the work that was done. It needs to be provided with proof of the work done by Alpha Roofing to validate the check and make sure that it was indeed used for the intended purpose.
  • The documents are needed to ensure that the roofing project was completed as specified and that all the lien waivers have been properly signed and released. Additionally, the insurance scope of loss document is needed to verify that the roofing project was completed following the insurance company’s requirements. Finally, the final inspection of the completed roofing project is needed to ensure that it meets all the necessary safety and quality standards.
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There may be a long and stressful process from filing an insurance claim to making a mortgage check. You can rely on Alpha Roofing’s professional help with insurance claims. We have processed hundreds of roof insurance claims.

You don’t have to worry about your roofing claim when you hire an experienced professional.

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