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Bossier City Louisiana Roofing Contractor

Bossier City Louisiana Roofing Contractor

Looking For Immediate Bossier City Louisiana Roofing Services? 

Looking for a Bossier City Louisiana Roofing Contractor that you can trust? Call Alpha Roofing at 318-518-8844 & enjoy quality roofing services from a family owned and operated roofing company! We are located at 6124 Kateland Circle Bossier City, LA 71111

Meet Alpha Roofing’s Owners Brock & Tamara Dowden 

Living in Bossier City gives that added connection to the people of our city. Brock served our United States military in the Marine Corps and remains a fierce patriot to this day. The Dowden family are members at Riverpark Church. Brock and Tamara’s #1 goal is to make your roofing experience excellent. Nobody is perfect; however, you want, need and deserve an excellent experience with Alpha Roofing, your Bossier City Louisiana Roofing Contractor. When you Google “best roofing contractor near me,” Alpha Roofing will be your first choice! 

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Ms. Laure writes about the excellent job on her new roof in Bossier City. Ms. Laura talks about Brock walking her through the sometimes-stressful insurance process and making her experience great. As your Bossier City Louisiana Roofing Contractor, Alpha Roofing looks to make a 5-Star Google review out of every roofing client we help.

5 star google review

Why Being A Certified Roofing Company Matters?

Alpha Roofing, your Bossier City Louisiana Roofing Contractor, is a CertainTeed Corporation certified roofing contractor. Our partnership with CertainTeed assures every roofing client at Alpha their new roof is backed by one of the largest roofing material manufacturers in the world. The CertainTeed Corporation has over 100-years experience manufacturing roofing materials. This vast experience is shared with Alpha Roofing. 

Being certified with the CertainTeed Corporation also means that Alpha Roofing gets constant training by a roofing industry giant. At Alpha, your Bossier City Roofing Contractor, Roofing CertainTeed is not only our partner, CertainTeed will also be your partner on your new roof. You can have total peace of mind with such an experienced Fortune-500 company providing your new roof warranty.


Bossier City Louisiana Roofing Contractor: Tips for Hiring A Roofer

Locally owned & operated

Has workers comprehensive insurance

Accredited with the Better Business Bureau

Be certified with at least one shingle manufacturer

Carries at least 1,000,000 in general liability insurance

Been in business for over 2-years

Has a written & posted workmanship warranty

Does not cover deductibles (covering deductible is illegal)

Expert Roof Repair & Installations

At Alpha Roofing, your Bossier City Louisiana Roofing Contractor, our expert roofer will aim to help you with all your residential roofing needs. Some of our top roofing services include: 

Roof Repair: As your Bossier City Roofing Contractor, we believe that all roofs should be inspected with a possibility of a good roof repair in mind. Our top roofing company believes if we can give you a top roof repair and the roof repair remain under 31% cost of a new roof installation; we should look hard at doing the roof repair. 

New Roof Installation: In many cases a roof repair is just not going to get you the peace of mind and protect your home like you want and need. In these cases, we will recommend a new roof installation. In many cases after storm damage from high winds and hail will require you to make an insurance claim on your roof. If this is your situation, Alpha Roofing, your Bossier Louisiana Roofing Contractor, is here to walk you through the insurance process. 

Skylight Repair: Old leaky skylight can drive a homeowner crazy. In the past it wasn’t if a skylight was going to leak but when is the skylight going to leak. As your Bossier City Louisiana Roofing Contractor, Alpha Roofing, we will try and repair your leaky skylight. In many cases older skylights can’t be repaired and must be replaced. If we can’t repair your skylight & roof windows, we will recommend the Velux Skylights & Roof Windows. Velux has the best warranty in the skylight industry boasting a 10-year no leak warranty. Fix your skylights for good with a new Velux Skylight.

Roof Repair & New Roof Installation

About Our Great City of Bossier City Louisiana 

Located near Shreveport and in the northwestern portion of Louisiana, Bossier City is the second most populated city in the Bossier City metro area. 

Areas Alpha Roofing services by zip code:








The area code for Bossier City is 318

Coordinates:  32°31′04″N 93°41′29″W

Bossier City FIPS codes 22-08920

Primary Airport: Shreveport Regional Airport

Interstates through Bossier City: I-20 & I-220


Bossier City Map for a servicing city for Alpha Roofing

As of the 2010 census the Bossier City population was around 70,000 people. Bossier City is neither a huge city in Louisiana nor an old city. Bossier City was not founded until 1907 making it a relatively young city compared to other around Louisiana. Bossier City is located on the eastern bank of the Red River and has always been tied at the hip to the neighboring city of Shreveport. 

Check Out Another 5-Star Google Review for Alpha Roofing

Another 5 star google review
Call Today 318-518-8844

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions for Bossier City Louisiana Roofing Contractor

Do You Service the Bossier City Area or Just Shreveport?

We do all roofing services in Bossier City as well as surrounding areas. Alpha Roofing also services the surrounding parishes to Bossier City. 

Do You Have A Warranty on Your Roofing Services?

Yes, we have a 1-year warranty for all roof repairs and a 3-year warranty for all new roof installations. 

Do You Do Roof Repairs in Bossier City?

Yes, at Alpha Roofing it is one of our core beliefs that all roofs should be looked at to be repaired first. If a top Alpha Roofing repair will not get you the life out of your roof that you expect, then we will talk about a new roof installation.

How Long Should a Roof Repair Last?

That is an excellent question. The answer is, it’s impossible to know until we do a thorough roof inspection. We must know what shape the remainder of your roof is in. If you need a valley repair which is a very common roof repair, the age of the shingles connected to the new roof repair will have a bearing on how long your roof repair lasts. 

Do You DO Skylight Repairs and Replacements? 

Yes, there many houses in the Bossier City area with skylights. If you have an older skylight there is a good chance it will need a repair at some point in its life. We can do many things to stop a skylight leak, add some flashing, repair the shingles and connecting roofing materials around the skylight. However, in many cases skylights from the past just wear out, the glass gets so dirty you can’t see through it or a builder used cheap skylights to keep cost down. Alpha Roofing can give you the cost for a new skylight or in many cases several new skylights. 

With a new Velux Skylight & Roof Window you will have peace of mind that your new skylight will not leak again. The Velux skylight is the only skylight in the industry with the Velux 10-year no leak warranty. 

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