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Metal roofing in Shreveport LA, may improve the look and efficiency of your property. For your home, choose superior metal roofing installation. 

If you live in Shreveport LA, wind or hail may have harmed your roof at some point. So, replace it with a more weather-resistant one!

Alpha Roofing’s commercial and residential metal roofing in Shreveport LA may last for many years. Their benefits include increased property value, enhance your home’s curb appeal, and providing a better-looking neighborhood.



Let’s see why metal may be the best option for your residential roof replacement.


Benefits of New Metal Roofing in Shreveport LA

Here are several convincing reasons to choose metal roofing in Shreveport LA as your type of roof system:

·       Our premium metal can withstand even harder circumstances.

·       Interlocking panels resist high winds

·       Fire resistance for your home

·       Energy-saving and cooling design

·       Structural integrity preserved because of less weight

·       Styles to complement any architecture      

As the leading manufacturer of metal roofing, we value your security at Alpha Roofing in Shreveport, LA. So, we only use professional metal for weatherproofing your home.

Manufacturers test these superior products in the harshest conditions. Also, a 50-year limited warranty covers the panels’ color.

Here, are a few advantages of this type of roof system:

·       Colors that match modern interior design trends

·       An optional PVDF powder coating allows for custom colors and mixes.

·       Has weather-tight concealed fasteners that are beautiful.

·       Coated with Kynar 500 or Hylar

·       Metal panel roofing profiles

·       Hi-R Heat Barrier coatings reflect radiant heat even in dark tones.

·       Non-clogging valley flashing designs

·       Custom flashings made in factories

·       Low weights start at 0.45 pounds per square foot.

·       Up to 95% of its components are recyclable


Various Metal Panels for Your Home

Metal Roofing in Shreveport LA are available in many shapes and colors. Therefore, the metal panel you buy depends on your tastes, budget, size of your roof, and house style.

Most people prefer home metal panels for a few reasons. Compared to other metal panels, the residential panel is the cheapest. This panel is easy to use and complements many Louisiana house styles.

A 5-V metal panel or a perma-lok panel secure-seam will cost more. But it has better warranties. On a floating platform, metal panels with standing seams have no exposed fasteners.

Metal roof screws used to need replacing every few years, which was a concern because of metal expansion on roofs. It is no longer an issue with a standing seam roof’s capacity to adjust.

Likewise, Alpha Roofing’s roofing contractors are skilled in several roof systems. Besides, we offer a dedicated customer support team to help you with any concerns. Alpha is one of the best roofing companies in Shreveport/Bossier City, LA.


Why Install A Metal Roof?


  1. Wind Resistant

Winds might be strong in Louisiana. So, you must consider the roof’s resistance to wind lift. 

A metal panel roof requires several interlocking metal panels that wrap around the roof.

The robust interlocking of the panels reduces the power of high winds to enter the roof space. So, a new metal panel roof will protect your home from wind damage and leaks.


  1. Enhanced Fire Resistant

This metal supply Shreveport has to offer is non-flammable and so fire-resistant. Moreover, studies demonstrate that it does not attract lightning more than other roofs do.


  1. Efficient Energy Use

Metal’s energy efficiency may help keep your home cool in the summer. A Metal panel roof also reflects heat, allowing them to save 10-25 percent on cooling expenditures.


  1. Lighten the Load on Your Home Structure

Metal is lighter than other roofing materials. Installing a new metal residential roof replacement minimizes the possibility of a heavy roof affecting your home’s structural integrity.


  1. Various design options

Current metal roofing in Shreveport LA includes:

·       Panels for home

·       Standing seam with no visible fasteners to allow water in and prevent leakage

·       Metal slate and wood shake roofing


  1. Metal roofs are Eco-friendly

Shingle roofs create up to 20 billion pounds of roofing trash every year in the US. Thus, a metal panel roof can help preserve the environment.


Metal Roofs Offer

Other relevant benefits of Alpha Roofing metal roofing in Shreveport LA includes:

·       Lightweight metal panels start at 0.45/sq ft.

·       Recycling: Up to 95% of our metal roofing is recycled

·       Water-repellent coatings like Kynar 500 and Hylar 5000

·       Heating and cooling costs are lower because of the hI-R Heat Barrier.

·       The “No clog” valley flashing design eliminates debris obstructions.

·       Invisible fasteners keep rain and wind out while maintaining the appearance of your roof.

·       Colors match current interior design trends, and optional PVDF powder coating allows custom color mixing.

·       Our metal roofing in Shreveport LA comes with a 50-year limited guarantee on the color.


Choosing the Right Metal Panel Roof for Your Home

Our 26-gauge residential panel roof is preferred thanks to its durability and other qualities. Most Louisiana homeowners choose this panel because it is affordable and integrates well with the surroundings. If you want anything different or want a wider warranty, you can pick from models like:

·       Perma-lok

·       Seamless panels

·       Mech panels

·       V-Panels

CertainTeed’s metal shingle products are top-notch, like the Matterhorn metal roof.

Do you want to reduce the maintenance on your new metal roof? Your best choice may be a standing seam roof.

Choosing the appropriate metal panel roof for your home might be tough if you have no prior expertise. Our steel roof suppliers and support staff are always pleased to assist.

We are accredited with the International Association of Better Business Bureaus. You can perform a background check on our business profiles to ensure you that we are not giving you any insufficient information. In saying this, Alpha Roofing is one of the best roofing companies Shreveport has!

Are you in need of a new roof? Alpha Roofing can help you choose the right metal roofing in Shreveport LA and Bossier City LA. Contact us right now!

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