·       Roof Repair

Alpha Roofing is one of the best premier commercial roofing companies in Shreveport LA. Our team of specialists can address any roofing concern homeowners in our region can have. Through early detection, we solve commercial and residential roofing issues. So, you can avoid these scaling into big and costly ones.



Many recurring leak issues stem from simple roofing faults. But minor repairs can fix them. Thus, have a qualified roofing project manager inspect your roof! When you Google “best roofing company near me,” Alpha Roofing will be your best choice!


·       New Commercial Roofs

Alpha Roofing is one of the best commercial roofing companies in Shreveport LA.

Do you know how crucial it is for some roofing companies in Shreveport/Bossier City to roof properly a building? Taking care of your building’s structure might save you thousands on heating and cooling.

Alpha Roofing’s team of roofing contractors has years of experience and training. This ensures they execute the job right the first time. Also, our commercial roof repair team provides the best quality roofing systems, backing them with industry-leading warranties. We are accredited with the International Association of Better Business Bureaus so you can perform a background check with our business profiles to ensure you that we are not giving you any insufficient information.

We provide the following types of roofs:

–      Flat roof

–      Steep slope

–      Eco-friendly roofing

–      Built-up

–      Modified roofing

–      Metal, slate, and tile

Moreover, our roofing company has replaced different types of roofs for:

–      Apartments

–      Industrial buildings

–      Retail centers

–      Churches

–      Offices

And much more!

With Alpha Roofing, a team dedicated to your new building project will be with you every step of the way. We create a customized action plan first, recommending quality products and methods for your specific new roof system. That’s why when you search online “best roofers near me,” we will be the top option!


·       Commercial Roofing Materials

Because of our strategic partnerships, we only employ the best commercial roofing materials.

Regardless of your choices, a skilled and responsible commercial roof specialist can help you narrow down your options to replacing roof systems.

Our unequaled roofing materials collection includes:

–      Single-Ply Membrane

–      Metal roofing

–      Shingles

–      Slate and tile

–      Eco-roofing

Contact Alpha Roofing now. They can help you choose the best roofing material.


·       Re-roofing

Alpha Roofing is the best choice for roof maintenance and commercial roofing companies in Shreveport LA. We are experts in addressing many types of roof problems.

Repairing a leaking flat or low-slope roof without replacing it is possible. Frequently, we may repair the damaged areas instead of replacing the entire roof.

Contact Alpha Roofing immediately if you find a leak or damage to your roof. Flooding and rotting can result from water leaks and faulty flashing. So, you must solve such issues immediately.

Also, we will undertake moisture and structural testing to assess the damage and make any necessary repairs fast.

Pretending to save money, several homeowners put off necessary roofing repairs. They have no idea how much a well-done repair can save!

An inappropriate roof repair might cause additional damage and cost you hundreds of dollars. Therefore, contact the roofing companies Shreveport has to offer with the best employees and resources. Googling “roofing companies near me,” Alpha Roofing is the way to go!

Free inspections and damage assessments save you time and money. Estimates are valid for 60 days!


·       Attic Insulation

Insulation prevents summer heat from cooking your shingles. Besides, it keeps the cold out all winter, keeping you warm.

Insulation, shingles, and roof ventilation make up your home’s attic. These three elements protect you from severe heat and cold in the summer and winter. Also, it keeps moisture out.

You can save money on winter heating and summer cooling with proper attic insulation.

Do you want to discover how attic insulation works with your roof? Call the best commercial roofing companies in Shreveport LA today!

Our project manager will clarify your requirements.


·       Skylight Repair & Replacement

Skylights provide natural light into the home. So, they help create the illusion of more space and light.

But skylights leaks can be a big roofing issue.

Homeowners on a budget can install cheap skylights. So, this will guarantee a leaky skylight.

You only can find leaks through an exhaustive inspection. Only experts can identify and correct these issues. Thus, let our roofing experts from the best of all commercial roofing companies in Shreveport LA help you detect and fix any difficulties before they worsen.

Call us!


Your Satisfaction is Our Goal at Alpha Roofing

When you hire Alpha Roofing, our primary focus is to keep you happy! We want you to be happy with your new roof system and leave us a good rating.

Look at our Google reviews. You’ll see how our clients appreciate our services.

Likewise, we are dedicated to offering you excellent warranties. Our warranties outperform other Louisiana roofing services or building contractors.

Because we value our consumers. Indeed, we are the first local and commercial roofing companies in Shreveport LA to provide our clients with an SSA client site. Through this portal, you can reach out to your project manager. Also, this site will allow you to save your roofing project data and photographs.

Alpha Roofing partners up with CertainTeed Corporation. So, we can offer the best and widest warranties.

Alpha Roofing is one of the most trusted commercial roofing companies in Shreveport LA!


FAQs for a Louisiana Roofer


  1. How long should a roof repair last?

How long a repair can last will depend on the type of repair and the age of the roofing materials. Your contractor should assess both factors to give you an estimated project scope.


  1. Do you have a Project Manager for Shreveport, LA?

No, since we never know who will call us. But, regardless of where you live in Louisiana, our roofing emergency response team can help you effectively. Alpha Roofing is the best of the commercial roofing companies in Shreveport LA.


  1. Do you repair and install skylights?

Yes, we can repair –if possible- and replace skylights and roof windows. If your existing skylights leak, use the Velux no-leak skylight.