It might be troublesome to file insurance claims in Shreveport LA. Don’t worry! Thinking about your convenience, Alpha Roofing has a guide that will walk you through the procedure step-by-step.




We Work with Insurance Companies

Did a storm or hail damage your roof? An event like this should make you file insurance claims in Shreveport LA to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Roofing contractors play a significant role when a storm or fallen tree damages a house. Your contractor should ensure that you receive the full amount of compensation from your home’s insurance provider. 

While adjusters are trained to make reliable evaluations, you still need an expert on your side.

So, Alpha Roofing is here to help you. Fill out our contact form and reach out to us now to learn more.


How to File Insurance Claims in Shreveport LA for a Damaged Roof: Steps to Remember


  1. Make Thorough Notes

After a storm, photograph, and videotape all the damage to your roof so that you can record it for your insurance claim. Document any damage that hailstorms, wind strength measures, rainfall amounts, or snow accumulation besides the general forecast information.

This personal sensitive data is critical in demonstrating how much severe the storm that caused the roof damage was.

Besides, check all your home after the storm, not just the roof. You will need to know the total extent of the damage.


  1. Make Sure You Know What Your Policy Covers

Before filing insurance claims in Shreveport LA with insurance companies in Louisiana, you need to know what your policy covers and its terms and conditions. You can Google “insurance companies near me,” to find yours.

Make sure that your insurance coverage includes any damage to your roof. When reading your policy, pay special attention to critical points like the types of damage insured.

Did you opt to exclude wind and hail damage from the coverage, or is it genuinely covered? Does your policy pay for the roof replacement cost or the actual cash value?

Familiarize yourself with your policy. To fight for coverage that you never had is a waste of time and effort.


  1. Contact your insurance company

If you need to submit your insurance claims in Shreveport LA, contact your LA Shreveport Louisiana insurance agents as soon as possible. Sometimes, you may be required to inform your insurance company within a specific period following the occurrence of damage, depending on your policy.

Inform yourself about the insurer’s processes for roof repairs and replacements by speaking with your representative or mobile agent app.


  1. Locate a Reputable Roofing Contractor

Next, look for a licensed, insured, and bonded contractor in your city. Examine sensitive information such as historical customer ratings and reviews when screening roofing companies. Also, you may get suggestions from your family members. You can also send a quick text message to your friends for an opinion. 

Avoid relying on the adjuster to estimate the cost of roof repairs. Consider getting a written report from a reputable roofing contractor on the company’s letterhead and its phone number.

Likewise, you may need your contractor to undertake temporary repairs to prevent further damage from occurring. So, call the roofer you would want to hire and ask whether you need any quick repairs done to your roof. For example, a hole in your roof may require placing a tarp.

Typically, homes insurance plans will permit these sorts of precautionary steps.


  1. File a claim

Submit a contact form with the aid of your insurance agent social security number, and the insurance claims in Shreveport LA provided by your insurer. Make certain you supply your provider with all the information and proof they require to accept a claim.

Did your home’s inside suffered damage too? Provide receipts for any damaged furnishings and a cost estimate to restore them.

Even you may need to lodge in a hotel in the central city while performing repairs. So, include this expense in your claim.


  1. Schedule the Adjuster 

Having an insurance adjuster visit your home and inspect your roof is the next stage in the insurance claims procedure. It is ideal to have your roofer with you at this time since they may offer their own explanation for the repair expenses. 

Usually, when a roofer provides its opinion during an adjustor visit, the claims adjuster’s quotation is more accurate and more fair for the homeowner.


  1. Have Your Roof Replaced or Repaired

Your insurance companies in Shreveport LA would approve the adjuster’s price after carefully analyzing all the information you have supplied. This information includes the quotation from your selected roofing contractor. At this point, you will only be liable for your deductible.

Having a professional roofer engaged from the outset guarantees that the process runs well. Moreover, the repair procedure can begin as soon as discovering the damage. 


Alpha Roofing Will Gladly Help You

At Alpha Roofing, our first concern is ensuring that you receive the roof repairs you require. We can give you a repair estimate for your roof damage because of our extensive knowledge in the field.

We know that you have a variety of roofing contractors and business travelers from where to choose from. But we are grateful to our clients for placing their confidence in us. 

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