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Skylights & Roof Windows

Skylights & Roof Windows

Having skylights & roof windows on your Shreveport home can be a wonderful way to have natural lighting all throughout your rooms. On the flip side of that, your Shreveport skylights & roof windows can lead to a nightmare.

Skylight Repair & Maintenance

There are more benefits than just natural lighting that come with skylights like having fresh air in your bathroom. However, damage from hail & windstorms or just aging skylights can cause much stress and anxiety for homeowners as well. 

If you have seen water leaking from your skylights or roof windows or if your skylights have just gotten older and hard to see through. Call Alpha Roofing today and let one of our trained project managers give you a free roof inspection and estimate to replace your current skylights. 

New Velux Skylights

Having Alpha Roofing install new Velux Skylights, roof windows and sun tunnels on your home is a great way to a great new look to your home. The Velux Skylights have a sleek low-profile look compared to the old skylights with a dome shape. The older style skylights were not only very prone to leak but also many were made from cheap Plexiglass and cracked easily during a hailstorm. 

Watch the Alpha Roofing Velux Skylight Installation Video 

At Alpha Roofing we believe it is very important that our Shreveport & Bossier City homeowners know exactly how we will install a new Velux Skylight on your home. If your roofing company can’t show you how they will perform your skylight installation, you should ask yourself why? At Alpha Roofing we are very proud of the way we will do your skylight replacement. 

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Velux Residential Catalog

Benefits of Velux Skylights

A major benefit of a new Velux skylight is allowing natural light into your home. Any room can benefit from natural lighting, however, halls, closets, laundry rooms, and bathrooms are some great rooms to have not only added light but some natural sunlight. 

Studies show that people that work in rooms with natural sunlight can also benefit from positive effects on mood, which means that adding skylights to your home can improve the quality of life for you and your family. Studies also show that people that work in natural lighting sleep better at night and have better sleep quality. Natural lighting from a Velux Skylight will have a different balance of colors compared to most artificial light sources, which can affect sleep and circadian rhythms. 

You can also choose the fresh air solar powered Velux Skylights and have some great new ventilation in your home. Good ventilation is important for reducing mold and mildew and can also help get rid of bad odors. New fresh air Velux Skylights would make a great addition to any bathroom or kitchen. It would help vent steam out of your bathroom and when you burn something on the stove that everyone eventually does.

30% federal tax credit

For peace of mind with your new skylight, Velux has over 60-years in business. Velux has not only the best name in the skylight industry, but they also have the best warranty as well. If you install new Velux Skylights in your home and add the Velux flashing kit, you will receive a 10-year no-leak warranty from Velux USA. No other skylight manufacturer has a warranty like this. 

There are some worries from people that if they add a skylight to their home that outside noise will increase. This is another area that a Velux Skylight owner does not have to worry about. The Velux Skylights are 40% quieter than other skylights on the market. You can even get blackout blinds for your skylights. If you have the new solar-powered fresh air Velux Skylights in your bedroom, you can close the skylight and blinds and your bedroom will be completely black for that afternoon nap.

Tile & Shingle Roofing

For the Fresh air skylights that open, no worries if you leave your home with them open. The Velux fresh air skylights have a rain sensor to automatically close your skylights during rain in case you forget to. 

The Velux Corporation has invested heavily in our planet’s future. Velux has been around for over 60-years and has seen many changes in the housing market. One thing that is not only a focus with Velux but with many homeowners nowadays is energy efficiency. Velux has many solar-powered skylight models to choose from. 

The Shreveport and Bossier City areas of Louisiana get hit with storms all the time. Springtime seems like it always brings high winds and hail. Velux has models that are impact-resistant and can withstand our hailstorms. Although the Velux skylights look the same, the impact-resistant glass is rated for WBDR and meets other IBC/IRC/FBC and other building codes.

Must-Have Velux Skylight Accessories

Having the best skylights on the market made by Velux will be a great addition to your home, but there are some accessories you need to consider making life with your new skylight investment more enjoyable. 

The blackout blinds will be a great addition to your bedroom and living room skylights. There will be sometimes other than just napping you will want to have less light in a room. The Velux blackout blinds will allow you to control just how much light you let in. 

If you don’t get the automatic powered fresh air skylights you should consider the manual rod system for controlling the opening of your skylights. Make sure you get the extra-long rod for easier control. 

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions About Your Velux Skylights

We live in Shreveport and get a lot of hail; will the Velux Skylights withstand the impact?

Great question since Shreveport, Bossier City, and the surrounding areas to get more than our fair share of hail. The Velux Skylights & Roof Windows can take a major impact from hail and windstorms. If you are referring to the hailstorm in April 2020, maybe and maybe not. A Velux Skylight will withstand some and not break but even though Velux is impact resistant a brick will still break them. If hail does break a Velux impact-resistant skylight, you can make an insurance claim. I assure you if your Velux Skylights breaks your roof will be a mess. 

It looks like I have a 2’x2’ skylights on my roof, can I replace them with larger skylights?

Yes, the quick simple answer is yes, however, if the construction of your home is such that rafter work will need to be done it could be cost-prohibitive in some cases. A thorough roof and attic inspection is the only way to truly know what will be involved in replacing your skylights. 

My last house had skylights that always leaked. What is the Velux standard warranty? 

If we install your new Velux Skylights with the Velux flashing kit you can get a 10-year no-leak warranty from Velux. This will also cover if there is a leak and causes any interior damage like sheetrock and painting. 

Can a roofer install my skylights?

Yes, a local roofer should be qualified to install skylights. Make sure the roofer you choose has experience repairing and installing skylights. I would also make sure they have installed Velux Skylights. 

How much do Velux Skylights cost?

There are so many different Velux skylight models and sizes, along with different construction of homes, that the only way to get you an accurate price would by doing an inspection of your roof and attic and giving you a free estimate. 

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